Tuesday 25 August 2020


Rowdy MDC Alliance supporters caused a scene yesterday at the Harare Magistrates Courts when they stormed the premises protesting against Job Sikhala’s arrest.

Sikhala was arrested last week on Friday for allegedly inciting public violence by calling for the July 31 flopped demonstrations.

Police had to disperse the rowdy group, which was singing and calling for his release.

Through his lawyer, Mr Harrison Nkomo, Sikhala said the officer-in-charge at the prison whom he identified as George Mutimbanyoka threatened him. 

Sikhala said he “was advised in no uncertain terms that you shall die in this prison” and was asked to give a telephone number of the person the prison should contact in the event of death.

He accused Mutimbanyoka of directing a junior officer, named Murima, to handcuff him the entire day and he was in leg irons in the courtyard of Chikurubi on August 23.

Sikhala said he was kept in D Class cells where he was advised by inmates that seven people in that section had tested positive for Covid-19, with four more testing positive on that day.

“You obviously are aware of the catastrophic nature of this virus. No PPE or sanitiser,” he said. 

Harare magistrate Mr Lazini Ncube ordered the fumigation of the prison cells and ordered the State to investigate the allegations made by Sikhala.

In his application, one of Sikhala’s legal team, Mr Jeremiah Bamu, took to the witness stand where he told the court that the police tampered with Sikhala’s warned and cautioned statement.

He said the statement was materially distorted and doctored in many aspects to suit police charges.

Mr Bamu told the court that he was neither shown the videos nor audios that the police alleged to be in possession of that they say supported the charges.

Sikhala is expected back in court today for continuation of his application for challenging his placement on remand.

Messrs Tendai Shonhai and Garudzo Ziyaduma represented the State. Herald


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