Friday 21 August 2020


Police have arrested businessman and CAPS United boss Farai Jere, and two Zesa employees on charges of fraud involving, it is understood, the sale of electricity meters using allegedly falsified documents to prejudice Zesa by as much as US$4 million.

Jere — who is better known from his soccer persona of Premier Soccer League chairman and CAPS United boss — and the two Zesa staffers were arrested yesterday by the Special Anti-Corruption Unit (SACU), working with other law enforcement agents.

In an interview last night, SACU head Mr Thabani Mpofu confirmed the arrests, but said more details would be availed later. 

“l can confirm that Farai Jere has been arrested together with two Zesa employees on allegations of fraud,” he said.

“They are appearing in court very soon, but I cannot give further details at the moment.”

Sources close to the investigation said Jere, reported to head Helcraw Electricals, was involved in the procurement of Zesa meters, and that procurement, which could have cost Zesa up to US$4 million, is the foundation of the allegations.

It is also understood that the allegations bring in a trip the three made to Britain, paid for by Zesa, but with nothing delivered.

The arrests come after the suspension of Zesa executive chairman Dr Sydney Gata and the entire board, by President Mnangagwa on August 6, with the President simultaneously directing the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) to institute investigations into allegations levelled against them, and reporting back in four weeks.

The President, who has declared zero-tolerance to the “catch-and-release syndrome”, gave ZACC four weeks to investigate the officials and submit a report. Herald


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