Wednesday 22 July 2020


Zimbabwe United Passengers Company (ZUPCO) has with immediate effect intensified the use of tap cards as a means to curb the spread of Covid-19.

ZUPCO in May introduced the system and commuters had abandoned the electronic system turning to cash.

The latest development caught many unsuspecting commuters by surprise which saw them stranded in their various locations.

In an interview, the institution’s Chief Executive Evaristo Madangwa said the transporter was trying to be cashless.

“We have always wanted to use tap cards only and we are trying to be cashless.

“As you know that cash transmit the virus, so we are trying to make sure we have cashless means. 

“Everyone should have a tap card and this applies to all ZUPCO buses including kombis,” he said.

Madangwa said, it all comes with a collective struggle as a nation.

“It can be achieved if we all put our minds together and we are going to do it countrywide, it’s not only going to be Harare alone but everywhere we have ZUPCO buses.

“So far everything is going well, we don’t have challenges when it comes to buses,” he added.

Meanwhile, commuters were being left by the buses as they could not provide tap cards. 
“The issue has left us stranded as we were now using cash. 

“So now they have intensified the need to use tap cards so that travelling becomes easier otherwise everyone will now be refusing to accept cash a means of payment.

“Isu tatosara pauya ZUPCO because vanga vachitoda matap cards,” said a commuter.

Another passenger said they were caught unawares. “We were so relaxed that cash might not be useful during this time and we have been affected by this.

“Tatotadza kupinda mubhazi because tap card pamberi. So the only way is to get the tap cards otherwise tinofamba netsoka.”

In Harare, tap cards have been sold at kiosks situated at Simon Muzenda Bus Terminus, Market Square, Rezende Street, Charge Office and Copacabana and in all the residential areas. H Metro


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