Friday 17 July 2020


When a Mutare man got married and vowed that only death would separate him from his wife, he meant every word.

Following their separation on June 13, Taurai Jongwe has been endlessly calling and visiting Portia Jongwe. Each time he does that, he threatens to kill her.

Portia said she moved out of her matrimonial home due to Taurai’s physical, emotional and psychological abuse that was directed towards herself and the children.

“He calls and sends me messages threatening me with death. He vows that he will not accept that we are no longer together. He says instead of granting me the divorce, killing me would be a better alternative.

“Your Worship, he claims that he still loves me, but I cannot continue being his wife because it is torture. Being with him is a living hell,” said the fed-up woman.

Portia went on to reveal that Taurai has told her that with regards to their children, she is on her own.

“He actually told me that something will happen to our children, I do not know what he has up his sleeves. I am now living in fear, always thinking that something nasty will befall us.
“I do not know when and how he will execute his plans. Please bar him from contacting me because his threats are giving me sleepless nights,” she said.

Taurai did not oppose the protection order application when they appeared before Mutare magistrate, Ms Nyasha Kuture, last week on Wednesday.

He said he wants a peaceful life. Ms Kuture ordered him to maintain peace with Portia and not to threaten her when he calls or visits her. Manica Post


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