Friday 10 July 2020


IN a macabre real life drama fit for a Harry Potter sorcery script, a Mapembe villager is in the eye of a wizardry storm after his neighbours ganged up to hold him hostage for days.

The man’s neighbours said they would only release him after a confession. Dzingirai Heka appeared in court last week on Thursday. He was seeking a protection order against his three neighbours — Tasiya Mapa, Talkmore Jera and Levi Chikwanha.

Heka said he went through a harrowing experience at the hands of the trio that was accusing him of killing their children and using them for rituals to gain wealth.

The parties appeared before Mutare magistrate, Ms Nyasha Kuture. The Weekender understands that Heka was rescued by fellow villagers after his family had raised a red flag over his disappearance.

“When fellow villagers found me, I was bound in chains. The experience has been haunting me ever since. I went through insufferable and inhumane treatment. 

“They abducted me on June 25 and I was found some days later. During those days, they were trying to force me to confess to being a wizard. They think l use charms in my farming business.

“However I could not confess because I am innocent, so they kept me chained, with no food.

“They tortured me and opened the gates to my fields so that their cattle could graze my crops,” Heka said as he narrated the ordeal in court.

He went on to highlight that the three even threatened to ‘deal with him ruthlessly’ if he doesn’t abandon his Mapembe Village homestead.

Heka said the matter is currently being investigated by the police.

“They are so jealous of me. They do not want to see me progressing in life. Each time I have a good crop in my fields, they let their cattle graze it.

“They are also in the habit of insulting me each time we meet. “They call me names. I do not know why they hate me that much, but I have never practised wizardry in my life,” he said.

Ms Kuture granted the protection order in Heka’s favour. The order bars the trio from kidnapping, assaulting, insulting, threatening and harassing Heka. Manica Post


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