Friday 24 July 2020


Opposition politician Ms Linda Masarira has warned that the country’s detractors are behind the planned July 31 demonstrations and want to use cover of corruption to subvert the Government.

In a detailed statement, Ms Musarira, an active member of country’s civil society movement with inside information on its modus operandi, said the advent of the New Dispensation in 2017, opened floodgates for the country’s detractors to come in as freedoms flourished.

Presently, she said, merchants of regime change seem to have found a voice in activists such as Hopewell Chin’ono, some churches and the country’s troubled opposition led by Mr Nelson Chamisa.

Massive funding from rich sources such as George Soros of the Open Society Initiative and the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the said organisations want to use July 31 to defeat democracy and foist on Zimbabwe a National Transitional Authority (NTA), Ms Masarira said. 

“The impending 31 July revolt by citizens will play into the strategy of the US of instigating the fall of the Zanu PF Government, replace it with a “technocratic” neo-liberal National Transitional Authority (NTA).”

“The NTA is a US imposed idea that will see the Americans pour millions of dollars into Zimbabwe for the resuscitation of the economy, provided the NTA reverses some nationalistic policies such as the land reform and liberalise the economy to allow their companies to freely loot Zimbabwe’s natural resources,” said Ms Masarira.

She said the strategy originates from Henry Kissinger’s foreign policy plan premised US dominance and exploitation of resources of weaker rich nations.

The NTA proposal, she said, seeks to suspend democracy by suspending elections for a period of seven years, focus on rebuilding the economy through reversing ZANU PF nationalistic and populist policies to allow multi-national corporations to invest in Zimbabwe, create jobs and loot strategic minerals like uranium, lithium, gold, diamonds, natural gas. 

Armed with skills learnt from the notorious Centre for Applied Nonviolent Actions and Strategies (CANVAS), an international organisation based in Belgrade, Serbia, whose track record is littered with success stories of bringing down governments in several countries, civil society and opposition activists want to create “dilemma scenarios where they score normative leverage through public sympathy”.

“Canvas Group leaders led the Otpor revolution in Serbia that brought down the ‘dictator’, Slobodan Milosevic and worked with activists in Egypt, Libya, Syria in the Arab Spring and their latest project was in Sudan.

“In short we are under attack as a nation. They are tirelessly working to bring down one of the most entrenched governments that is hated by the United States of America for its radical stance in empowering its citizens.”

The organisation, that targets governments that do not pander to the whims and caprices of the United States is funded by the US International Republican Institute (IRI), an organisation that continues to fund some clandestine regime change agents in Zimbabwe, Ms Musarira said.

Ms Musarira, an insider in the country’s well-oiled civic society, also exposes organisations that are actively working with a selected few activists in order to effect regime change in Zimbabwe and install a puppet administration with handlers in the US.

“Otpor was funded by the US International Republican Institute (IRI) that is also funding some activists’ groups in Zimbabwe alongside the National Endowment for Democracy and other smaller US Embassy grants as well as organisations like George Soros’ OSISA among others. Pursuant to the regime change agenda, the United States has trained over 200 activists from Zimbabwe through its Young African Leadership Initiative Programme (YALI) and most of these leaders are deployed into organisations to influence a neo-colonialism agenda. Zimbabwe had been a target of the United States since the land reform programme and the US scaled up funding for the Civic Society Space,” read part of Ms Musarira statement. 

Zimbabwe’s civic organisations are among the most highly funded non-governmental organisations on the continent, leaders of the organisations that consorts with Western embassies live flashy lives and often pay people to demonstrate.

Although civil society organisations bleat about good governance and harp about fighting corruption, a closer look reveals a web of deceit and dishonesty. Last year, Amnesty International was forced to close its offices in Zimbabwe due to rampant fraud.

Ms Masarira claims that various organisations that are being funded to destabilise the country that include; Zimrights, Election Resource Centre, Combined Harare Residents’ Association and Crisis Coalition and from outside the country’s borders there are organisations such as the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa, which is funded by George Soros, the Human Rights Watch and the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights, which are all allegedly linked to the CIA to create “international relations war zone for Zimbabwe and stifle the government’s capacity to engage”.

“These organisations influence international perception about a country and the regime change proponents are strategically positioned to influence the international community against Zimbabwe. Their concerted and unrelenting efforts to demonise Zimbabwe, backed by a legion of Diaspora based fake asylum seekers who want the country to become a failed state so as to justify their asylum status, have been vehemently attacking Zimbabwe, instigating instability and sabotage activities being carried out by activists at home.

“The local activists are bent on generating fake news that are alarming, sensational and disturbing with an objective of causing public alarm, panic and despondence using social media and make financial gains in return from naïve donors.”

The violent demonstrations that rocked the country on August 1, 2018 and also the January 2019 protests can all be traced to the trainings that were done by the Canvas Group. Herald


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