Wednesday 29 July 2020


FIRST Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa was involved in another serious accident yesterday, but escaped unhurt when her vehicle overturned after being rammed into by another motorist along the Harare-Bindura highway, the Daily News reports.

This comes after the first lady lost one of her close aides in another major accident in Mt Darwin in April this year.

 Presidential spokesperson George Charamba confirmed yesterday’s accident to the Daily News last night, saying this had allegedly been caused by a driver who panicked upon meeting the first lady’s convoy, resulting in him ramming into her vehicle, causing it to overturn.

“Yes there was a traffic incident in the morning where a motorist panicked upon seeing the first lady’s convoy … and he rammed into the First Lady’s vehicle on the driver’s side.

“There were no injuries even though the car was damaged. The First Lady is fine and so is her driver,” he said.

 Charamba also dismissed social media speculation that gunshots had been fired at the accident scene — telling the Daily News that “nothing of that sort took place during or after the crash”. 

Yesterday’s accident occurred as Zimbabwe is suffering from the triple whammy of the long-running economic crisis, the negative effects of the global coronavirus pandemic and the severe regional drought, which has left more than half of the population facing starvation. 

This has seen the first lady continuing with her charity work, notwithstanding the coronavirus lockdown — following widespread reports of starvation among many impoverished communities nationally. 

In April this year, her security aides were involved in a fatal accident in Mashonaland Central while on their way to Muzarabani, where the first lady intended to donate foodstuffs to starving families there. 

The first lady, who was in the same convoy, was not in the car which rolled and claimed the life of one of her aides then, Albert Vunganai — and which left several others seriously injured. 

Well-placed sources told the Daily News that the fatal accident had caught everyone by surprise, as the first lady’s security details — who were travelling in a Toyota Hilux behind her — were not speeding.

“They were doing between 20km/hour and 40 km/hour. The gap between their car and the first lady was about 500 metres.

“When they tried to speed up a little bit to narrow the gap, their car veered off the road. The driver tried to control the car and pull it back onto the road, but it rolled,” one source said then. 
“All this time, the first lady had come out of her car and was watching the entire tragic development. She is in terrible shock and is devastated.

“She regarded those boys as her children and the accident has left her extremely traumatised and upset,” another source told the Daily News further at the time. Daily News


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