Sunday 21 June 2020


A GROUP of women says Zimbabweans must push for the striking down of Section 124 of the National Constitution, which provides for the election of women into Parliament through the quota system.

The position comes in the wake of ongoing public hearings on Constitution Amendment Bill Number 2. The Bill contains 27 amendments to the current Constitution of Zimbabwe.

Clause 11 of the Bill proposes to extend the provision for the proportional representation party-list of 60 women Members of Parliament by an extra two Parliaments (from two to four Parliaments).

Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe head of politics and decision-making, Ms Siphathisiwe Moyo, said the country should seek to create equal opportunities for men and women rather than holding onto the quota system.

“We have Sections 17, 66 and 80. All these sections speak of gender equality,” she said.

“The Constitution is still fairly new, seven years and we are yet to implement some of the available provisions. Why don’t we work with what we have? Maybe later we can look at changes.” 

Section 17 compels the State to promote the full participation of women in all spheres of society based on equality with men. On the other hand, Section 66 emphasises the freedoms enjoyed by every Zimbabwean including women while provisions within section 80 spell out the rights of women.

The women’s rights activist said more women should land positions beyond Parliament on an equal basis with their male counterparts. Director of Women’s Voice Zimbabwe, Ms Ashley Muremba, said women faced limited resources to participate in political activities. Due to movement restrictions in observance of the lockdown conditions, some women have taken to social media to highlight the changes they want to the National Constitution. Sunday Mail


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