Tuesday 9 June 2020


THE Bulawayo MDC Alliance province’s coffers have dried up amid revelations the provincial leadership has sent a begging bowl to members for an urgent $10 000 financial bailout to oil its operations.

Party insiders claimed financial resources were urgently needed to foot legal costs as the MDC Alliance has a pile up of court cases, particularly regarding the fight for the control of the party and its assets.

Last week, the MDC Alliance lost its headquarters in Harare to the rival MDC-T led by Thokozani Khupe.

In a leaked memo to party members, Bulawayo MDC Alliance provincial treasurer Sonny Phiri appealed for financial assistance of whatever amount to raise $10 000 in the interim.

“We have created a fund to which we are all being asked for contributions to cater for our urgent office welfare issues caused by adverse eventualities bedevilling our party of excellence at the moment. The money is sought for immediate use,” the memo read.

“With the number of committed cadres in Bulawayo, we can raise the amount of $10 000 required at the moment. Thank you in advance for your donations, the EcoCash number receiving money is *** A report will be published after the war.”

About $4 050 has been raised from senators, Members of Parliament and party members in Bulawayo to date, the memo read.

Phiri confirmed the party had sent an SOS for financial aid from its members, but could not be drawn to comment on the state of party finances.

“That is an internal matter. Someone must have leaked it to sabotage the people’s project. It’s an internal matter that is not for public discussion. I cannot give you any other comment,” Phiri told Southern Eye.

The development came at a time when the fight for the control of party assets has turned nasty.

The fight was triggered by a Supreme Court ruling confirming a High Court order that Nelson Chamisa is an illegitimate leader of the MDC. Newsday


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