Wednesday 3 June 2020


Masvingo Mayor Collen Maboke’s personal Mercedes Benz was attacked by unknown thugs on Friday who left the passenger window smashed.

He was attending a funeral in Mucheke, Masvingo. Maboke confirmed the attack in an interview with The Mirror and accused political opponents in his party the MDC of the attack. He said that a note scribbled “MDC Mayor” was left on the car.

“They left a note scribbled MDC Mayor and the intention was to hoodwink people into thinking that it was the work of Zanu PF. It’s not Zanu PF, these are fellow members of the party who link me with one faction or the other and I know them,” said Maboke.
The cost of the damage is US$100.

Efforts to get a comment from the Police were futile.
“They align me to one faction or another. The matter is I am a mere party member who is not involved in factionalism,” said Maboke. Masvingo Mirror


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