Thursday 4 June 2020


A male police officer assigned to Masvingo Teachers College quarantine centre allegedly punched a female inmate and bit her finger after a misunderstanding over Covid-19 test results.

The incident happened on Saturday, May 30, after inmates had complained over prolonged delays in the release of their results.

Masvingo provincial police acting spokesperson Assistant Inspector Kundakwashe Dhewa said he had not received a complaint of that nature but promised to investigate.

The woman, who cannot be named now to protect her identity as she eventually tested positive and got isolated, sustained a severe injury on her right hand little finger but was not afforded any medical treatment.  The police officer was identified only as S. Mashonganyika.

The woman, refused to talk about the incident when she was contacted for comment saying she feared further victimisation.

Eyewitnesses, however, said the woman was left shaken and afraid after the assault.

“There was so much tension on that day and authorities were not providing the information that people sought. Some people who had spent only eight days at the centre were released ahead of those that had spent more than 21 days and nobody bothered to explain so the woman got caught up in the scuffle. The officer punched her on the face and bit her finger only to release her after other inmates restrained him,” said a source.

Another source said there was nobody to report the incident to since police officers, nurses and social workers in charge of the facility were ‘rude and uncaring’. TellZim News


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