Thursday 25 June 2020


MDC Alliance legislators yesterday snubbed a meeting called by MDC-T leader Thokozani Khupe, with less than 20 turning up at the Harvest House.

After recalling 13 MPs, Khupe is trying to impose her authority on the legislators, most who still regard her rival Nelson Chamisa as their legitimate leader.

Deputy spokesman Khaliphani Phugeni told reporters that 30 plus legislators had attended the parliamentary caucus, but refused to name them. However, sources within the opposition party said under 20, out of 103, attended.

“The caucus was well-attended, we had 30 plus MPs here, I don’t have their names but I will share the videos with you, it was amazing,” Phugeni said. The MDC-T claims that under the Alliance, it sponsored a total of 103 legislators who should now be under the direct control of Khupe.

But MDC Alliance presidential secretary Jameson Timba said the MPs snubbed Khupe. “The legislators of the MDC Alliance have remained loyal to their conscience,” timba said.

“They are deployees of the party and struggle, they realised the issues that are facing Zimbabwe will require true representatives and, therefore, will not follow an appendage of Zanu PF.” Newsday


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