Thursday 28 May 2020


The coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on all human activities across the globe as more than 3 lakh individuals have succumbed to death so far. Along with lakhs of deaths, the COVID-19 outbreak has also wreaked havoc on individuals who are currently left stranded in countries where they’re working.

Zimbabwe cricketer Tafadzwa Tsiga, better known as Taz, has also been trying to return back to his home since March. However, to his disdain, the pandemic has left him stranded in Australia and he has been trying to get a flight for weeks.

Tsiga first landed in Australia in September last year when he was recruited to play cricket for the Rovers United Bruck Cricket Club in Wangaratta. For the Zimbabwean, the prime reason behind coming to Australia was to challenge himself and improve his cricketing skills in the process.

“I wanted to play in different conditions and learn in different conditions,” he said. The wicketkeeper-batsman has failed to book a flight as all the flights which he had booked were eventually cancelled.

“I didn’t think it would take this long to get a flight, it’s been 10 weeks now,” Tsiga added. He also said that he has been missing his family in these stern times. “I miss my family,” expressed Tsiga.

Tsiga has been living with a local family in Wangaratta. However, due to no cricketing activity at the moment, he has not been able to earn an income. Most sporting events in Australia have been called off in the wake of the pandemic and Tsiga has no other option but to sit back home amid the pandemic.

“I just sit at home all day — the only thing I can do really is go for a run really,” Tsiga said. Along with Tsiga, 30 other Zimbabweans, who are currently stuck in Australia, are facing the same problem.

President of the Rovers United Bruck Cricket Club, Peter Whitten, also heaped praise on Tsiga and said that the wicketkeeper-batsman has been as asset to the side. “He’s a very talented cricketer. He was on the cusp of playing for Zimbabwe a few years ago,” said Whitten.

According to Whitten, the club has also been hit due to the pandemic but it’s still determined to help Tsiga get back home despite the flights being expensive. While the focus is on getting Tsiga back home, Whitten also expressed that he would like to see the Zimbabwean return back one day.

“We would have him back at the drop of a hat. He’s a fantastic person and a great guy to have around the club and we certainly believe if he came back he would excel,” said Whitten. CricTracker


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