Tuesday 5 May 2020


THE Ministry of Health and Child Care has said people most affected by Covid-19 are in the 15 to 29 years age group, with the majority of them being male.

To date, Zimbabwe has 34 confirmed cases of Covid-19, including five recoveries and four deaths.

The Ministry, in its daily Covid-19 update report said a total of 1 682 tests were done yesterday, bringing to 13 329 the total number of Covid-19 tests done so far in the country.

“Of the 34 confirmed cases, 19 (56 percent) are males and the most affected age group is between 15 to 29 years,” read the Ministry’s statement.
In the 0-14 age group, two Covid-19 cases have been confirmed, while 11 cases have been confirmed in the 15-29 age group.

Eight cases were recorded in the 30-44 years age group while another eight positive cases were recorded in the 25-59 years age group. Five cases have so far been recorded in the 60 years and above age group. The revelations are made at a time when Government has encouraged companies to buy rapid tests kits and arrange with designated testing facilities for their employees to be tested for Covid-19.

Last Friday, President Mnangagwa extended the national lockdown by a further two weeks, but directed some sectors to start operating.

Mpilo Central Hospital clinical director and renowned medical researcher Dr Solwayo Ngwenya said the high numbers of males infected by Covid-19 may have been a result of low risk perception amongst men. 

“These are males that are testosterone charged. They feel strong and think they can conquer the world. They may also be disregarding social distancing and assuming a false immunity and going about as normal. Mostly males are risk takers and there is that low health seeking and safety adherence behaviour by males generally. The 15-29 age group could be the most affected in terms of age groups as they are the most energetic. This group is active and may also disregard social distancing and other safety precautions. Some may be immune suppressed and may have weak defence mechanisms from other existing conditions,” he said. Chronicle


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