Monday 11 May 2020


The Casualty Department at West-End, one of the biggest private hospitals in Zimbabwe has been closed for two weeks now with 25 nurses and six doctors on quarantine following the death of an elderly woman of Covid-19 in the service centre’s Intensive Care Unit ward.

Going by volumes served, West End is probably the biggest private hospital in Zimbabwe and it also serves the largest number of Government employees on Public Service Medical Aid (PSMAS).

The department is expected to open on May 18, 2020, according to a statement made to The Mirror by Premier Service Medical Investment (PSMI) spokesperson, Obey Nhakura.
The Mirror understands that the entire staff complement was tested at the time of the death of Mbuya Nguni, the mother of former Cabinet Minister Sylvester Nguni and they were all negative. The whole hospital was also disinfected.

A team of health practitioners is visiting them at their respective homes every day to monitor them for symptoms. The Mirror understands that none has developed any Covid -19 symptoms so far and they will go for final tests before they are allowed to go back to work.
“In keeping with the guidelines given by the Ministry of Health and Child Care, NSSA and WHO guidelines and protocols, West End Hospital continues to collaborate and co-operate in terms of infection control, conduct tracing and testing as well as isolation of affected members

“To that end, all West End Casualty employees and any of their colleagues that came into contact with them will be tested for Covid-19 and self isolate for the next 21 days, according to the guidelines,” read the statement.
Nhakura said that patients who normally use West End are currently being referred to medical facilities run by PSMI until the unit is reopened. For the wards, the hospital is admitting patients straight from the specialists’ rooms, said Nhakura.
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