Tuesday 5 May 2020


My involvement in the politics of my country has never been or was never motivated by what I would benefit out of it as it has no benefits at all. It is a calling motivated by my genuine belief that my country needs a new generation of leaders to pluck our country from the poverty it has endured for so long and the democratic deficit we have as a nation.

Being a Member of Parliament is one of those responsibilities that came along the way as a task demanded by people from me. I have never had much appetite to be one because I know it confines oneself in the corner of serving self interest and delusion of grandeur and forget the broader objective of the struggle.

Our people have for a long time  endured intolerable rule anchored on tyranny and dictatorship. Along the way we became enemies of ourselves by concentrating more on issues against ourselves. The elephant in the room is the ZANU PF system that has destroyed our nation into a Stone Age society. 

The enemy is ZANU PF and Emmerson Mnangagwa who have taken upon themselves to do what they want with our lives. The future of one generation after the other has been destroyed by these heartless evil men and women who are presiding over our destruction. We forget all that and wondered what interests do we serve if we master all our energy in destroying one another.

My simple advice to the people of Zimbabwe is that lets focus on dealing with the Mnangagwa regime decisively. They have created a problem to de focus some of us' resolve to deal with their penury and crimes against our civilization. Our nation is crying for the leadership that is determined to bring to an the madness that has been brought upon us in our country by the persecutors of our peace, future and happiness.

There is no way Mnangagwa and ZANU PF can fool themselves that they have derailed the people's struggle by their innocuous antics before us today. Let me reassure you, the struggle we are in belongs to the people and it is for the people to see their freedom in their life time. This they shall achieve. There is no way some of us will relent to achieve the cause of our people by regressing from coming for you. This is a calling we are committed to accomplish. Let those who are in the hunt for positions continue to do so. The value of an individual in a struggle is not determined by how powerful the position one holds in an organization but by the character of that individual. Commitment to the struggle is not seen by the number of words one utter, but by action you take to correct the wrong. The true struggle of our people is now being correctly shaped. 

Freedom is not won by the buildings one occupy or by the position someone hold. Fight for positions and control while we are fighting for the liberation of our people. Position seekers in politics have the history of destroying the aspirations of the people. This time it wont work and it will not work. Let me conclude by very important message and words  by one of our pioneers of of our liberation struggle Ndabaningi Sithole. He had this to say on May 24 1964 in Gwelo at Mkoba Hall:
" Those who believe that the United Nations
Will bring us independence are greatly mistaken.
No one can liberate another.
Independence is not ours unless we liberate ourselves.
There is no such thing as being liberated by others .
Others can only help us to liberate ourselves.
We are our own Liberators .
What method then is our strategy we are going to use in liberating this country?
This is the only true solution to the present problem.
We have power in our hands.
You will be detained.
You will be torn away from your families.
In some cases , some of us may be shot dead.
But this is the price all human beings must pay to be free." President Ndabaningi Sithole
          [ 24 May 1964]
 We are our own Liberators.

The nonsense of Parliament this or that will not bring us true independence and freedom. No freedom was ever obtained by occupying a Parliamentary position in the history of mankind. In revolutions Parliament is rather seen as the centre of counter revolutionary. It gives individuals a false sense of importance in communities they live. Some think its a profession or some form of employment opportunity. Let me be recalled tomorrow as what has happened to my friends and colleagues and be freed to pursue the goal of liberation. Be warned I am no coward. Rather I am very dangerous and prepared to demonstrate how dangerous I am.
I am ready.
Hon Job Wiwa Sikhala


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