Wednesday 13 May 2020


A 30-year-old Harare man severely stabbed his friend with a knife on the head and chest in a botched foreign currency deal.

Tapiwa Joseph was facing attempted murder charges when he appeared before Harare magistrate Mrs Barbra Mateko.

He was remanded in custody to May 22 and advised to apply bail at the High Court.

The court heard that on May 8 Joseph phoned Pinius Munyongani saying he had a relative who had large sums of United States dollars residing in Gunhill Highlands Harare and wished to change her money to smaller denominations.
It is alleged that Munyongani went to collect Joseph from his place of residence using his silver mercedes benz vehicle. They drove together to the house which Joseph had indicated that his relative resides.

The court heard that Joseph disembarked from the car and went into the house which is still under construction leaving Munyongani outside the gate.

The State further alleges that after a while Joseph returned and told Munyongani that his relative was in a meeting and would join them in a few minutes.

It is alleged that after an hour Munyongani became impatient and decided to cancel the deal but Joseph persuaded him to hold on little longer.
Joseph then instructed Munyongani to drive his car further down the road where they were no houses.

Whilst there waiting for Joseph’s relative, Munyongani began counting his money amounting to US$1836 which he intended to exchange with the accused’s relative for bigger denominations.

The court heard that as Munyongani was counting the money, Joseph allegedly produced a knife and stabbed the complainant on the head and twice on the chest.

Munyongani wrestled with Joseph and managed to snatch the knife from him and threw it away. It is alleged that Joseph tried to get hold of Munyongani’s neck but he was overpowered.

It is also alleged that Munyongani disembarked from the car and started running towards a nearby house with joseph giving chase.

The court heard that Joseph tipped Munyongani and he fell to the ground and struck him with a stone on the head.

It is alleged that Joseph ran back to Munyongani’s vehicle with the cash amounting to US$1836 and drove away.

Munyongani, the court heard sort assistance from at a nearby house where he supplied them with his father’s contact number.

As a result of the incident Munyongani sustained injuries on the head and chest. A report was made leading to Joseph’s arrest. Munyongani was taken and admitted to Baines clinic. Herald


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