Thursday 23 April 2020


President Cyril Ramaphosa on Thursday night outlined a five-stage lockdown plan that will be implemented from May 1. 

He said the plan was a risk-adjusted strategy based on a “deliberate and cautious approach to easing of lockdown restrictions”.

Ramaphosa said that because much about the coronavirus is unknown, action must be incremental.

SA is now in a level 5 lockdown, which requires drastic measures to save lives.

Level 4 allows some activity to resume while levels 3 and 2 ease restrictions and promote social distancing. Level 1 means that most activities can return to normal.

Here is what life will look like under a level 4 lockdown:
— Borders remain closed to international travel, except for repatriation of SA citizens and foreigners to their countries

— There will be no travel between provinces, except for transport of goods and exceptional circumstances such as funerals

— Public transport will continue but within limits and certain hygiene guidelines

— People can exercise, but under strict public health provisions

— Sale of cigarettes will be allowed

— Elderly and those with underlying conditions must stay home

 —Range of goods that can be sold will be extended

— Work from home if you can

— People encouraged to stay home

— Bars, clubs and shebeens remain closed

Ramaphosa said ministers would elaborate on details about the lockdown levels soon. Times


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