Tuesday 14 April 2020


POLICE have arrested two villagers under Chief Seke on allegations of fatally assaulting a recently released prisoner whom they accused of theft.

Bridget Muzadzi (41) and Kudakwashe Nechiva (50), both from Nechiva Village, Seke, were arrested on Sunday on allegations of assaulting Aleck Kaitano (43) who later succumbed to the injuries at Chitungwiza Central Hospital.

Kaitano was recently released from prison during the Presidential amnesty which saw more than 1 600 prisoners who had passed the vetting processes being freed.

He is said to have been attacked by villagers who suspected that he was a thief, leading to his death. Mashonaland East provincial police spokesperson Inspector Tendai Mwanza confirmed the incident in a statement.

“It is reported that on April 12, 2020, Aleck Kaitano of Masona Village, Seke died at Chitungwiza Hospital upon admission after succumbing to injuries sustained after he was allegedly attacked by the villagers,” he said.

“The late Kaitano benefited from the Presidential amnesty, he was serving a six-year jail term for robbery.”

Insp Mwanza said Kaitano left his home after a domestic dispute with his wife and no one knew where he had gone.

“He is said to have had a domestic dispute with his wife Aluwina Kasukuwere (32) which led him to leave home without notice,” he said. “It is stated that his wife sought assistance from her brothers to search for him, but could not find him. 

“It is reported that on April 11, Aleck’s wife received an anonymous call from an unidentified man advising her that they apprehended her husband who had been suspected to be a thief. It is said the wife, in the company of her brothers, rushed to the scene where they found Kaitano lying helplessly and in serious pain and surrounded by villagers.”

Insp Mwanza said the wife discovered that Kaitano was unable to walk due to a deep wound on his right leg which he sustained during the attack.

“It is alleged that Kaitano managed to tell his wife that the mob had attacked and injured him, but could not disclose the reason for the attack,” he said.

“His wife and her two brothers took Kaitano to Chitungwiza Hospital where he later succumbed to the injuries.

“A report was later made at ZRP Dema who attended to the scene and apprehended two suspects, Muzadzi and Nechiva, who are currently assisting the police with investigations.”

Insp Mwanza advised members of the public not to take the law into their own hands. Herald


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