Thursday 2 April 2020


the couple
A CHITUNGWIZA couple’s marriage is shaking after the husband discovered through WhatsApp messages that his wife was dating two men.

Ceaser Heriheri regrets the call for staying at home that led her husband Tapiwa Jonga to go through her mobile phone and discovered her illicit affair with a married, Paul Osieki. 

Jonga and Heriheri exchanged harsh words over the issue and consulted their church leader for counselling after the former narrated how he ended up seeking medical treatment over a sexually transmitted infectin some months back. 

“It is true that my wife has been cheating on me and I discovered that she has been bedding two men of which one of them is a businessman who supplies her with skin lightening creams,” said Jonga.

“She left her mobile phone and since we are relaxing at home during the lockdown, I was tempted to peruse her mobile phone that is how I discovered that my wife was cheating. 

“It affected me to the bone my brother and I am now believe that she is the one who made me sick ndakaita chirwere chepabonde chakandityisa iye akamhanya mhanya kuenda neni pashop yake akanondirapisa asi ndakava nemubvunzo mukuru pazviri.

“Today everything has come to light and I thank the lockdown for giving me chance to rest and discover such issues.
“My wife owns a shop at Makoni and is a police officer based at Dema Police Station, ndakanochema pamberi pevanhu pashop pake ndarwara muna January gore rino ini,” said Jonga.

Heriheri denied bedding Paul although the latter sent love messages after the two hooked up in one of the love WhatsApp groups.

“I came to know Paul after he sent a love message to my inbox since we are members in one of a love WhatsApp group,” said Heriheri. 

“He showed interest in me but I denied his advances and as for the other men, I do not know anything about him although I chat with several men concerning my business of selling skin creams.

“My husband took my mobile phone without my consent and went through my messages and I want to believe is the one who is after exposing me as if he is innocent.

“If he is the one who called you I am going to deal with him ruthlessly chibvai pano endai munonyora zvamunoda nezva Paul wacho,” said Heriheri popularly known at Makoni shopping Centre as Bibianca or Cynthia.

She gave Jonga her mobile phone in front of H-Metro to prove her innocence and her decision further exposed her shenanigans after Jonga discovered another love message a few minutes by another man. H Metro


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