Friday 10 April 2020


Government has, with immediate effect, directed all local authorities to allow health institutions under their jurisdiction to be used by the Ministry of Health and Child Care for Covid-19 response.

The pandemic has to date killed three people in Zimbabwe.

Local Government and Public Works Minister July Moyo has since written to local authorities directing them to do a handover\takeover of the institutions with the Ministry of Health and Child Care.

In a letter addressed to all mayors, town council and chairpersons of rural local authorities, Minister Moyo said the decision was reached as a result of the intensity and magnitude posed by Covid-19.

Minister Moyo said while a declaration of State of Disaster is in force, civil protection officers were empowered to take possession or control of any land or other property whatsoever for the purpose of dealing with the situation. 

He said following the declaration of the State of Disaster regarding the Covid-19 pandemic by President Mnangagwa, Government is taking all necessary measures to strengthen coordination and response mechanisms at all levels.

“Given the magnitude and intensity posed by Covid-19 pandemic on public health and the economy at large, I am invoking Section 23 of the Civil Protection Act Chapter 10:06 of 1989 to empower all Provincial Development Coordinators to requisition all designated health facilities within their areas of jurisdiction for immediate use by the Ministry of Health and Child Care,” he said.

Minister Moyo said the exercise should be done immediately.  Herald


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