Monday 27 April 2020


Driving under the influence of alcohol has landed a Harare man in trouble after he rammed into a house in Warren Park D on Thursday evening.

The man, Ernest Mutakura, lost control of his vehicle around 8 pm before ramming the house which was occupied by one Wilson Mutsinze.

Following the incident, Mutakura slept on the scene due to his drunken state. Mutsinze confronted him following the noise due to the impact but he was not reasoning.

The case was reported at Warren Park Police Station under case RB number 4268970 for drink driving.

“The accident happened around 8pm, the driver was very drunk. He was in the company of his colleagues who were also drunk.

“They then slept immediately after the accident. Their car veered off the road and destroyed the fence before hitting the house’s wall, ” narrated Mutsinze.

He added: “When l went to check on what had happened the other passengers were outside asking where they were.

“The driver was fast asleep on the steering wheel. No one was injured except for the car which was damaged.

“I then l went to the police to report the case leading to their arrest and came back with the police officers leading to his arrest.”

Wilson said other passengers had escaped. “The other passengers disappeared after the accident.

“He is now evasive after the case but he promised to repair the damage,” he said. Many people have been defying the lockdown orders after the announcement by President Mnangagwa.


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