Monday 20 April 2020


A car with children on-board rammed into a Central Business District (CBD) shop while speeding on a one way lane on Independence Day.

The accident occurred on Saturday evening at the corner of Chinhoyi Street and Charter Road junction and the family (name withheld) was driving in a Toyota Harrier.

Robson Muromba, a witness to the accident, said children were limping out of the car after a towing truck had come to rescue the family.

“The driver was speeding in a one way Chinhoyi Street and he failed to maneuver the car when he was now at the junction.

“There are pillars before the shop but they were all destroyed since the vehicle was speeding.

“I saw children limping out of the car and tried to help them then a recovery car was called in to assist.
“The owners of the shop who are Indians were also at the scene after they received a call from the guards,” explained Muromba.

A security guard who preferred anonymity told H-Metro that he has witnessed a lot of accidents at the junction despite the markings and pillars erected to avoid accidents.
“We were lucky it happened opposite the premises we guard but a lot of cars having been ramming into shops around here.

“These kinds of people driving around this late with children on board are insensible and probably he was trying to avoid the police since he could have a permit,” he said. H Metro


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