Wednesday 4 March 2020


Supreme Court judge, Justice Francis Bere, who faces a tribunal for allegedly interfering with a pending court case, has been automatically suspended from duty pending the outcome of the tribunal’s investigation.

Justice Bere is accused of meddling in a civil case involving the Zimbabwe National Road Administration and his relatives.

After President Mnangagwa set up a three-member tribunal chaired by retired judge Justice Simbi Mubako to enquire into the judge’s fitness to continue holding judicial office, Justice Bere was automatically suspended in terms of constitutional provisions.

Judicial Service Commission spokesperson Mr Brian Nkiwane confirmed Justice Bere’s suspension.  “The suspension will only end after the President revokes it, following recommendations by the tribunal,” he said.

Justice Bere allegedly telephoned Zinara lawyer Mr Itai Ndudzo of Mutamangira and Associates, asking him to consider settling a civil dispute pitting Zinara and Fremus Enterprises.

Complaints against him were raised before Deputy Chief Justice Elizabeth Gwaunza during a court hearing and Mr Ndudzo was asked to make the complaint in writing.

Justice Bere denied the allegations. In a response to the Judicial Service Commission, he said he only contacted Mr Ndudzo in the context of their personal relationship dating back to the days when they were both members of the Zimbabwe Football Association Ethics Committee.

Justice Bere described the complaint as a falsehood meant to taint his clean record. Herald


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