Saturday 7 March 2020


There is nothing new about the renewal of the illegal sanctions imposed by the United States and Zimbabwe will continue engagement and re-engagement with the international community, President Mnangagwa has said.

He was addressing a packed Zanu PF rally at Matizha Business Centre in Gutu, organised by the Zanu PF provincial executive in Masvingo.

Earlier, the President had led a clean-up at Mupandawana Bus terminus.

This week, the US extended its illegal sanctions regime against Zimbabwe by another year, but the President said there was nothing new since the country had been under the same embargo for the past two decades.
Countries willing to work with Zimbabwe, said President Mnangagwa, should first acknowledge the land reform programme and accept that it was a closed chapter.

“You may have heard that the US renewed its sanctions on us. There is nothing new there. We have been with these sanctions for the past 20 years. These are the same sanctions they have renewed. As Zimbabwe, we have a policy of engagement and re-engagement. The whole of Sadc is standing with us. You may recall that on October 25, 2019, Sadc countries in their respective countries had various programmes calling the Americans to remove their sanctions on Zimbabwe.

“All embassies of Sadc countries and the African Union (AU) also did the same. When we went to the United Nations in September last year, our continental organisation, the African Union told the UN to call for the removal of all forms of sanctions on Zimbabwe.”

President Mnangagwa said Zimbabwe would continue calling for the unconditional lifting of the sanctions.  He said the sanctions were unjustified.
President Mnangagwa said Zimbabwe was a peace-loving country which had not committed any crime against the Americans or the British. In any case, he said, it was the British who wronged Zimbabwe by grabbing its land.

“Actually, it’s the British who committed a crime against us when they came here and took our land.

“We waged the armed struggle and took back our land and said they (British) should also go back to their country. They were not happy with that, but the land reform programme is irreversible and to us it’s a closed chapter. Those who want to be our friends should befriend us knowing that land reform is irreversible. We are not going back on that. Embrace us as we are, then we work together like that.”

President Mnangagwa emphasised the need for production at household level. He said his administration had declared 2020 as a year of production. Turning to party politics, President Mnangagwa called for unity and discipline.

“I want to say to you all, we want building of the party. I am happy that here in Masvingo you are a one Party State. You have shown love both to the party and to me as your leader. You must defend your party all the time. We don’t want people who defend the party during the day and denounce it at night. Be truthful to the party all the time.” Herald


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