Friday 13 March 2020


A HATCLIFFE woman attempted to kill herself after discovering that her married son was having an affair with a girl she did not approve of.

Susan Mutunha the mother to Lennox Piyasi tried to commit suicide by downing rat poison at the girlfriend Faith Magadu’s paternal home after learning of the affair.

Piyasi is married and has three children with his wife.

Reports say Mutunha could not contain her son’s shenanigans with Faith prompting her to take the action that saw her being rushed to a nearby hospital where she spent more than a week recuperating.

After all this, Piyasi left his home, wife and three children to stay with Faith.

Mutunha said her actions were based on her love for her son and her grandchildren. I am a mother; all I wanted was for my son to see how serious I was about the issue.
“We were once neighbors with Faith and I know her very well; she is not good for my son. I don’t want to see my grandchildren suffering because of poor decisions made by their father.

“I was trying to stop the nonsense before it got worse,” said Mutunha. Mutunha said she is optimistic that her son will repent.

“I am optimistic that my son will stop the affair soon. When a man starts cheating, his life and behaviour changes. I am positive that he will listen because I can’t accept Faith as my daughter-in-law; never!” she added. 

A relative to Piyasi said Faith once dated his elder brother before trying her luck on Piyasi raising fears that she might be using juju to date any man she wants.

“Faith could have used charms on Piyasi; we need the Holy Spirit’s intervention here,” said a family member on anonymity grounds.

Faith refused to comment yesterday. “I have no comment,” she said. Piyasi could not be reached for comment as his phone was not reachable until time for publication.

A source close to Faith said they were not going to break up. “She is saying Piyasi will not dump her.
“It’s only her who can dump Piyasi and it’s not her fault that she is the chosen one. “Women hear should watch out for her because once she takes your husband, he won’t be coming back,” said the source.

Piyasi’s wife Charity was quick to hang up when H-Metro called her. “Handina comment, handina comment pazvese zvamuri kuda kubvunza,” said Charity before hanging up.

Faith’s mother Mai Magadu said she was relieved Mutunha survived. “We don’t want to keep talking about the same incident over and over again. I surprised with how the incident unfolded.

“It looked like a joke, now she has recovered and we are hearing she is back at work, its good news. It wouldn’t paint a good picture knowing she died at my house. 

“She was like, ‘ndauya kuzofira pano, mwana wenyu akuramba kusiyana nemwana wangu’,” said Mai Magadu.

“I also tried to hear what my daughter did to her but she said nothing, I also don’t know why she doesn’t like her. Besides it is not my daughter who approached her son

“It is also not my daughter who moved in with her son, it is actually the other way round. Besides these are two grown-ups.

“They aren’t kids, what can I do. But people like to blame someone I don’t know where I am wrong here,” added Mai Magadu. H Metro


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