Monday 2 March 2020


OPPOSITION MDC leader Nelson Chamisa has said the situation obtaining in Zimbabwe and the failure by President Emmerson Mnangagwa to solve the country’s challenges have vindicated the late former President Robert Mugabe when he said his long-time aide had no capacity to take over the reins.
Mugabe, who ruled for 37 years until he was booted out by his own army, maintained that among the Zanu PF stalwarts angling to succeed him, no one had capacity to do so.

Speaking at the launch of the Principles of Reliable Inclusive and Credible Elections in Zimbabwe symposium organised in Harare last week, Chamisa said Mnangagwa’s policies were a clear sign of failure to lead a country and that Mugabe was right.

“Civil servants have no money. I see now there is a tax that has been enforced and you just don’t understand where they are coming from. ED (Mnangagwa) and (Finance minister) Mthuli (Ncube), which planet do you come from? You have a tuckshop, have a decency of consulting to say how do we run this tuckshop. What kind of leadership is that?” Chamisa asked.

“I am now beginning to believe Mugabe was right when he said he did not have a successor. He was right. We used to think that he was lying until we have seen his successor, we now know that he was right.”

The MDC leader was commenting on Mnangagwa’s government move to tax civil servants 2,5% and the move to introduce subsidised groceries in all cantonments to cushion members of the uniformed forces from the obtaining economic crisis.

Mnangagwa took over as President in November 2017 after the army overthrew Mugabe.

Mugabe had fired his then deputy after accusing him of being divisive, dishonest and lacking probity in the execution of his duties. Newsday


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