Thursday 5 March 2020


A report in today’s Newsday in which Mnangagwa admits to failure then sensationally demands another term is not only shocking but disrespectful of the suffering Zimbabwean people.

Once the admission is made that Zanu PF has failed, that closes the matter. A government’s presence in office is for no other reason besides delivery.

In this case delivery is not there, the economy has collapsed, there is no food, fuel and electricity yet Mnangagwa and Mthuli Ncube have consistently claimed that the country is back on track, while publicly accepting to his Politburo that he has dismally failed to deliver.

Knowing the consequences of failure, Mnangagwa now wants to focus on power retention, service is what keeps people in office.

The MDC is on record, that an illegitimate government will never deliver, it only has a narrow interest of self-aggrandisement and power retention.

If you have failed, by your own admission, why should we reward failure in 2023?

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