Saturday 28 March 2020


Ministerial Taskforce to start visits to provinces today.

All inter–city public transportation to cease.

Zupco to provide inner-city buses only.

Private vehicles not to carry more than 2 persons without a valid reason.

Tertiary institutions to provide tens of thousands of masks, sanitisers, medical gowns.

Freight transport will not be restricted.

The National Registrar’s offices closed except for burial orders.

Farms and agriculture service providers should be operational but adhere to measures that curb spread of the coronavirus.

Essential service providers, producers and their staff in the following chains must remain operational — electricity distribution, water supply, sewage and sanitation, fuel and LP gas supply, and ICT.

Critical services and productive activities to support the health and safety of citizens including manufacturers of health related products, agricultural and food supply related operations shall remain functional.

Social welfare interventions prioritised to cater for mainstream vulnerable groups and targeted households.

Recruitment of personnel to close gaps in health sector.

Tourists encouraged to postpone trips.


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