Wednesday 4 March 2020


MDC President Nelson Chamisa says he will not be dictated on how to lead the party.

“I heard that they are saying Chamisa should lead from the front. You cannot teach me the struggle and you cannot force us to do things that we are not ready to do. You might delay us but you will never stop us.

“Mnangagwa you are no longer relevant, you should leave this country for the young people and be a consultant not a leader. You don’t have any idea where this country is going together with your crew. How can you amend the Constitution 27 times in less than two years? I can see that you are now possessed with the Mugabe and Smith demons,” Chamisa told people gathered in Masvingo recently for the Tsvangirai Memorial Lecture.
He was referring to accusations from State-leaned critics who allege that Chamisa wants to use other people to demonstrate on his behalf when he himself does not want to face the consequences.

He was also referring to the controversial 27 constitutional amendments that government has tabled in what critics allege is Zanu PF’s disregard for consistent constitutional order.
Chamisa told his audience that they will fight for each other the same way they did for Sikhala they will also stand by their Secretary General Charlton Hwende who is due to appear in court on February, 28 for subversion charges of his own.

“We will support each other. They have to know that if they touch one of us, they have dared the entire clan and we have to transform all areas of prosecution into areas of struggle,” said Chamisa.

Chamisa assured his supporters that this year they will solve the key issues.
“This year we are dealing with critical issues in this country, we are going to make sure that we have a people’s government and we fight corruption. People are stealing,” said Chamisa.

During his speech Chamisa said that he tried to have a dialogue with Mnanganwa but he refused.

“I listened to you and I called Mnangangwa for dialogue but he refused. I tried but there will be no 2023 elections if the dispute of the 2018 elections is not resolved,” said Chamisa. TellZim News


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