Tuesday 17 March 2020


A Harare couple’s six-year marriage has collapsed after failing to bear a child.

The husband Onward Chasaka has decided to marry another wife and the matter has since spilled at the Harare Civil Court he is accusing his wife Blessing Musindo of failing to conceive.

He is seeking a protection order against her habit of stalking him as he wants to settle with new lover. “It is six years since we got married but we have no child. I told her, I cannot live without a child but she keeps on saying God’s time is the best.

“I cannot rely on words; now I need a baby. I am ready to settle with my new lover but she is in the habit of stalking me and insults me whenever she finds me with my new lover.

“She threatens to bewitch me so that I would not marry my new girlfriend. She is in the habit of visiting my new girlfriend’s place of residence and insulting her saying she is a prostitute,” said Onward.

Blessing told the court that they were not divorced. “He is still my husband but he wants to divorce me since I am failing to bear a child. It is not my will but he cannot divorce me in such manner.

“We acquired property and a residential stand together so he cannot deny me access to that house. He must formally divorce me then we do property sharing. I was stalking him since I believed he was still my husband,” said Blessing.

Presiding magistrate Gladys Moyo granted the protection order in favour of Onward.


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