Wednesday 18 March 2020


A Zvimba woman, who is in a polygamous marriage, has applied for a protection order against her abusive husband at the Harare Civil Court.

Sarah Kanyandua alleged that Bowasi Chafata, who has three other wives, has been assaulting her for refusing to have unprotected sex with him despite the fact that she is HIV positive.

She said she tested HIV positive when she went to a local clinic six years ago, while all her co-wives tested negative.

“It is now six years since I was tested positive and I have been insisting that he wears protection whenever we are intimate, but he always insists on unprotected sex,” said Kanyandua.

“I once did community service after he alleged that I had threatened him with an axe in a bid to fix me for refusing to concede to his demands.”

Chafata denied his wife’s claims, alleging that she was the one insisting on unprotected sex and making threats.

“Your worship, I did not assault her, as you have heard her confession that she did community service because she wanted to kill me with an axe,” he said. 

“The problem is that she is the one who wants unprotected sex because she wants to infect my three other wives and I with HIV. I cannot demand to have unprotected sex since I know that she is positive and I am negative. I also need a protection order for me to stop visiting her homestead.”

The magistrate asked Chafata if he had any idea of what a protection order was and how it worked.

He was educated on the meaning and use of a protection order.

The presiding magistrate granted the order in favour of Kanyandua and ordered Chafata not to physically assault or psychologically harass her. Herald


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