Monday 16 March 2020


GURUVE traditional leader Chief Chipuriro, born Clever Mashiki, has roped in four young women into his traditional court to act as advisers as part of his women empowerment project.

The four women Catherine Gora (32), Lianda Tembo (34), Idah Mashiki and Tsitsi Mafudza were appointed last week to coincide with commemorations of International Women’s Day.

Institute for Young Women Development (IYWD) team leader Glamis Changachirere hailed Chief Chipuriro’s move saying other traditional chiefs should emulate the move.

“As IYWD we celebrate the move by Chief Chipuriro to empower our young women especially on International Women’s Day. Other traditional chiefs should also emulate what he has done,” Changachirere said.

“We started working with Chief Chipuriro in 2013 and his move to include young women in decision making is a great stride in our quest for gender equality.”

“I think in terms of policy and legal framework in Zimbabwe and generally worldwide, a lot has been done in terms of promoting the participation of women in all sectors of life, socially and politically. However, the challenge still remains with implementation and practice of those policies and laws,” Changachirere said.

One of the young women, Gora said they have started their duties at the court which include assessing cases, serving summons as well as advising the chief.

“Our chief has formally employed us and we began our duties on International Women’s Day. We would like to thank IYWD for convincing him to take us on board,” Gora said.


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