Tuesday 10 March 2020


A 20-YEAR-OLD man from Gokwe who cold bloodedly axed five people to death in Binga last Friday was arrested the following day when he attended a funeral wake for his victims and tried to light a fire to roast mealies.

Christopher Gotore allegedly killed Mr Admire Nyangarai, whose age was not given, his wife Ms Bibeat Munsaka (23) and the couple’s one-year-old baby Loice Compassion Nyangarai, who was axed while on her mother’s back.

Others are Ms Chiravigwa Shumba who is the accused’s aunt from Makope Village under Chief Sayi in Gokwe and a seven-year-old boy, Shan Sibanda.

The murders happened within a few minutes of each other  at two homesteads in Marangana Village under Chief Sinamagonde, in Lusulu, Binga. Gotore allegedly torched a bedroom hut before butchering a cow and a calf belonging to his brother-in-law Mr Bruce Sibanda in whose homestead he stayed.

Police have confirmed the murder but the motive for the killings is not yet clear.

The bodies were expected in Lusulu yesterday evening ahead of burial today, villagers said.

Gotore disappeared after the grisly killings and returned the following day when he asked for matches from mourners saying he wanted to roast some mealies. 

“He was arrested by police who were at the funeral wake and was expected to appear in court yesterday,” said a villager.

Ms Shumba had visited her niece Ms Patience Gotore, Mr Sibanda’s wife and Shan’s mother.

They said Gotore arrived in Lusulu to live with his sister two years ago. Mr Sibanda and his wife fled from the scene after failing to disarm Gotore who charged at them.

Their other son, Tawanda, narrowly escaped when Gotore allegedly axed Shan in a bedroom hut they shared with the accused.

Marangana village head Mr Bhindi Mambo Mudimba said Gotore was one of the villagers who illegally settled in his area after being given land by a neighbouring village head. 

“Those people are illegal settlers who were given land by a neighbouring village head. We reported the matter to Chief Sinamagonde and we have appeared before him and the case is still pending. The people settled in our grazing area which used to be under Campfire and are disrespectful. The Chief and council are seized with the matter,” he said.

Chief Sinamagonde concurred saying he was shocked.

“I am still in shock. What worries me is that these people are illegal settlers. I have tasked some village heads to find them a place where they will be buried because they cannot be buried in the same area where they settled. We have been trying to evict them but they have refused to vacate,” he said.

Kabuba Councillor Romeo Mugande said Gotore would sometimes visit the Nyangarai family at night to kill time with the family as a neighbour. Chronicle


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