Thursday 6 February 2020


THE Zimbabwean community in northern Johannesburg suburb of Windsor East is reeling in shock following the untimely death of one of their own who ‘accidentally’ plunged down a two-storey block of flats and died instantly on Monday afternoon. The incident happened at the Windsor East shopping centre.

Pardon Marwakurera (40) had been binging with his colleagues for the greater part of the day before he met his untimely death. The man who was popularly known as “Chitova” was apparently over-intoxicated when the incident happened.

He fell headlong and narrowly missed a BMW sedan which was parked just a metre away as he landed on the tarmac.

“He had been drinking a lot of ‘hot stuff’ (whiskey) since morning naWonder. Ndatombomuudza kuti manwa rakawandisa chimirai and paaenda padenga apo I followed him because ateura bucket remvura. Pasina chinguva ndazongoona munhu warembera pa balcony. Abva atsvedzera pasi ndokurovera,” said his long time best friend and eyewitness William Chimuka.

Those at the shops immediately sprung into action some with ice packs and water trying to resuscitate him. Some tried calling ambulances but it was too late. Linden Police Station details then took over the scene and treated it as a crime scene. Police sources however revealed they are not suspecting any foul play.

“Ndatombomudana before kuti dzika ndakutengera two quarts pandaona asina kudzika ndopandati ndimutevere ndisingazive kuti pachafamba mhepo dzakadai,” added a shocked Chimuka as the deceased’s body lay covered in the police aluminum foil while awaiting the police forensic and pathology unit. The body was then collected just before 6pm, three hours later after the incident.

Our investigations have revealed this is not the first time someone has jumped off the same building. He was a friend of the deceased and fortunately survived as he was saved by those who were below.

Shocked friends and relatives are gathering at the shops near the flat where the deceased used to stay awaiting further details.

“We received the news with shock. We just thought kudonha kwekungokuvara not knowing munhu atoshaya. Tatumira shoko kumusha saka takangomirawo tinzwe zvinofamba sei,” said Elisha Humbo a cousin of the deceased.

“This is a huge loss to our community. We are a closely-knit family as Zimbabweans. We spend the day together and this is indeed a shock. Anga ari munhu wevanhu and we will miss him a lot,” said Abdi “DJ” Phiri. 

Wonder, who allegedly provided the ‘hot staff’ was all tears A local boozers’ team (Team Mafaro) is spearheading a funeral contributions drive in order to help the family repatriate the body back to Zimbabwe. If all goes well Marwakurera will be buried near Mashoko Mission in Masvingo. H M


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