Wednesday 12 February 2020


Naming and shaming successful business people perceived to be corrupt breeds fertile ground for extortionists, Zanu PF acting secretary for administration Cde Patrick Chinamasa has said.

Cde Chinamasa said where any citizen has evidence of corruption against any person the correct procedure is to report to Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC), Zimbabwe Republic Police or Prosecutor General so that the allegations can be investigated.

“Naming and shaming that targets perceived successful business people be they black or white, breeds fertile ground for extortionists, rent seeking behaviour and will have one outcome, that is haunting such people out of the country into exile which will not help this economy whose growth must be driven by local business people.

“It is on the back of the local business people that foreign investors will invest in Zimbabwe and will feel that Zimbabwe is open for business. What this country needs for its economic success is entrepreneurship. If we can help to grow 10 or so Strive Masiyiwas in each of our 10 provinces we would be on the road to meeting our President’s Vision 2030 target of becoming an upper middle income country, whose growth must be driven by local business people,” he said. 

In addition, he said Zanu PF cadres especially those in leadership positions can never be said to speak in public in their individual or personal capacities.

“If such leaders hold any personal views on politics and public affairs and such personal views differ from the Party’s position and policies, they can only express such contrary views at their homes. Otherwise they are not justified to complain where consequences follow their actions. Cadres in leadership positions cannot articulate in public statements which are contrary to party policies and positions.” Herald


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