Thursday 27 February 2020


ROBBERS yesterday pounced movie-style on the business premises of two top Harare businessmen, Tawanda Nyambirai and Rodney Dangarembizi, getting away with more than US$200 000, cellphones and jewellery, the Daily News reports.

This happened as cases of armed robbery and carjacking are on the increase across the country — amid Zimbabwe’s worsening economic rot and the concomitant breakdown in respect for the law.

Confirming the two frightening robberies last night, national police spokesperson Paul Nyathi told the Daily News that law enforcement agents were hot on the trail of the bandits.

“We confirm that we are investigating two robbery cases that occurred along Collins Avenue in Borrowdale, Harare.

“The robbers, who were using a Toyota Fortuner as a getaway car, initially went to the first company where they looked for its employees before they took two cars — a Hyundai pick-up truck and a Toyota Corrolla, cash amounting to US$37 000, jewellery and 13 cellphones.

“The robbers were plus or minus eight, who were all armed. They then went onto the next company where they took an undisclosed amount of money,” Nyathi said.

“There are concerns that information could have been leaked to the criminals because they targeted safes at the two places,” he added.

Nyathi also revealed that the robberies had taken place between 10am and 11am yesterday — with two of the stolen cars recovered later near Mazowe Hotel, in Mashonland Central.
 So bad were the attacks on one of the premises that Dangarembizi was left requiring medical attention, after he was viciously attacked by the callous bandits.

“They were armed with guns. They took a television, two cars, jewellery and designer clothes. They also went to a neighbour’s premises and stole some items as well.

“We were, however, told that the two cars were recovered in Mazowe after we advised the police, who raised notifications.

“They assaulted us with bolt cutters and broke our legs,” Dangarembizi told the Daily News over the phone, while waiting for an ambulance to take him to hospital.

Nyambirai told the Daily News that the robbers had fled away with US$180 000 from his premises.

“It was an armed robbery. They robbed a safe that had around US$180 000,” he said.

This comes as robbery incidents continue to make headlines across the country, with police also battling to deal with home break-ins, car smash-and-grabs, as well as car hijackings.

Early this month, gunfire ripped through Makoni Shopping Centre in Chitungwiza, leaving illegal forex dealers scurrying for cover, as armed robbers got away with wads of cash and a motor vehicle, in another movie-style attack that rocked the dormitory town.

Yesterday’s incident was preceded by another US$400 000 robbery at a security company in Waterfalls, also in Harare — amid suspicions that this was an inside job involving employees.
 According to police, the stolen money was in a cash box which went missing from the company’s vault.

“The cash box was later recovered outside the company premises without the money,” Nyathi said, adding that investigations were in progress.

Meanwhile, police have also confirmed another robbery incident which took place last Sunday in Mangwe, in Matabeleland South.

“On Sunday February 23, 2020 at about midnight, six unknown male adults armed with an unidentified firearm, machetes and knives pounced on a homestead at Emvalweni area, Mangwe.

“They fired gunshots, forced open the victim’s house and tuck shop and stole various groceries and cash.

“The two victims were stabbed with a knife and were left with hands and legs tied. The suspects are at large and investigations are in progress,” Nyathi said.

He also said police were investigating another case of robbery in Bulawayo, where a motorist was mugged and lost his Toyota Wish along Nketa Drive, near Nketa 7.
“The two assailants stabbed the complainant, took control of the vehicle, drove and dumped the complainant and two other victims near Solusi turn-off, along Khami Road. The three victims were left with their hands and legs tied together,” he said.
 Most of the daring robbers have been targeting foreign currency stashed within homes and company premises.Daily News


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