Monday 24 February 2020


A HERDSMAN from Matobo allegedly fatally assaulted his employer’s son (10), angry that the boy had reported him to his uncle for beating him up for coming home late.

Matabeleland South acting provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Loveness Mangena confirmed the incident which occurred on Saturday at around 8pm in Silozwi Village.

She said the suspect, Bekani Dube (32), who is still at large, assaulted Raymond Ndlovu with a whip, punched and kicked him several times until he lost consciousness and left him outside.

Insp Mangena said the boy was found dead the following morning at around 6AM by his eight-year-old sister.  The boy and his sister had been left under Dube’s custody.

“I can confirm that we recorded a murder case which occurred in Silozwi Village in Matobo involving a 10-year-old boy. The suspect Bekani Dube from Domboshava Village in Matobo assaulted the boy with a whip and also punched and kicked him until he lost consciousness and he left him outside. On the following morning the boy’s younger sister aged eight found her brother lying motionless on the ground.

“She rushed to inform their uncle who stays about 600 metres from their home. The uncle informed other neighbours and the matter was reported to the police who attended the scene and found the suspect gone. The boy sustained a swollen face and bruises all over his body from the assault,” she said.

Insp Mangena appealed to members of the public with information that could lead to Dube’s arrest to contact the police. 

A source who preferred anonymity said Dube who works as a herdsman was left to take care of the late boy and his younger sister.

The source said on the day in question, Raymond and his younger sister went to church and arrived home late which made Dube angry.

“Dube beat up the two children for coming home late from church and they reported him to their uncle who in turn confronted Dube over the matter. This made Dube even more furious and demanded to know why the children had reported him.

“He grabbed Raymond, dragged him out of the house and severely assaulted him until he lost consciousness. He left the boy lying on the ground outside and proceeded to bed and the boy’s body was found on the following morning,” said the source. Chronicle


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