Saturday 15 February 2020


AN illegal diamond dealer who was murdered in cold blood by a teenage suspect and his fugitive accomplice in Chiadzwa two weeks ago succumbed to 29 stab wounds which were inflicted by his rabid assailants using two Okapi knives.

Apart from luring the unsuspecting Liberty Chimoyo (42) to the banks of Odzi River disguised as genuine sellers of a six- carat stone yet they wanted to rob him, one of the criminals had a tiff with the deceased stemming from last year’s incident in which he claimed to have been conned by the deceased over a botched diamond deal.

Chimoyo of Chibuwe Village under Chief Mutambara was violently murdered by the suspects who quickly went into hiding after committing the crime. 

One of the suspects, Shoorai Gwenzi (18), was arrested last week after detectives tracked him down via a cellphone call he made while luring the deceased to come to Odzi River for the diamond deal.

He was on Saturday arraigned before a magistrate at the Mutare Magistrates’ Courts on murder charges and was asked to apply for bail at the High Court since he was facing a Third Schedule offence.

Circumstances to the case were that  on   January 19 at around 5.30pm, the now deceased was at his house chatting with his friend, Crispen Foroma (42), when he received a phone call from number 0774 847 016 belonging to Shylet Denhe of Muyedzengwa village under Chief Marange, Mutare.

Denhe asked the now deceased to speak to the two accused persons who told him that they were selling a six-carat diamond and invited him to Muyedzengwa village to view the stone. 

Chimoyo then proceeded to Muyedzengwa village in the company of Foroma in his Toyota Sprinter sedan.

At around 6pm the duo arrived at a crossing point and parked the motor vehiclet about 400 metres from the river on the Nenhohwe-Nyanyadzi side.

The deceased phoned Shylet Denhe who indicated that the two accused persons were on their way to meet him at the river. The deceased handed over the motor vehicle keys to Foroma.

He crossed the river alone to meet the accused persons. Foroma saw the deceased meeting the two accused persons at the other side of the river and they walked further to a secluded place.

After about 20 minutes, Foroma heard the now deceased screaming for help and he rushed to where the voice was coming from. He crossed the river and met the two suspects running towards his direction. 

He asked them the whereabouts of the deceased and they told him that the now deceased was being attacked by robbers and they continued running towards the deceased’s parked motor vehicle.

Foroma found the now deceased lying under a tree groaning and he told him that he had been attacked by the two suspects.

While trying to help the now deceased, Keleb Chinowaita, who resides nearby arrived at the scene holding a machete and said he was also responding to the screams.

The duo ferried the now deceased across the river to the parked motor vehicle where upon arrival they observed that the driver’s window had been broken. The now deceased’s Samsung cell phone which had been left on driver’s seat and Foroma’s black wallet were both stolen.

Foroma and Chinowaita drove the now deceased to Nyanyadzi Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

At the scene of the crime detectives recovered two Okapi knives which were used to stab the deceased.

Denhe who is the owner of the cell phone number which linked the deceased with the suspects was located and interviewed. She told the cops that the suspects asked to use her cell phone to call the deceased, but she did not know them.

The detectives then proceeded to Birchenough Bridge Hospital where physical examination on the body of the deceased was carried out and they observed that the now deceased sustained 17 stab wounds on the back of the neck, three stab abdomen wounds, eight chest stab wounds, and a stab wound at the back of the left arm. 

On 21 January a post mortem was performed at Mutare Provincial Hospital by Doctor Chibwowa who observed that the deceased succumbed to massive hemorrhage.

On 1 February detectives received information that the now deceased’s cell phone, a Samsung A7, being used by Chivous Muyedzengwa of Machangwa village in Marange.

They reacted to the information leading to the recovery of the cell phone and deceased’s Net one line.

Muyedzengwa told the cops that he bought the cell phone from the accused person together with the Net One line.

On 5 February information was received to the effect that accused person was staying at Munatsi village in Chipinge. Detectives subsequently arrested the suspect who was hiding at Chapenyeni homestead.

The accused person led the detectives to the recovery a diamond detector and a diamond tester at Munatsi village. These belonged to the deceased and were part of the stolen property.
The suspect to have stabbed the now deceased to death with his accomplice Dzidzai Nyongovera (22) who was believed to have fled into Mozambique.

The accused person also told the cops that he had a dispute with the now deceased over a piece of diamond in June 2019. ManicaPost


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