Sunday 12 January 2020


The Zanu PF Youth League has condemned machete-wielding gangs that are terrorising small-scale miners and communities around the country.

Machete gangs have been wreaking havoc at different gold mining sites across the country, causing deaths and injuries and threatening the entire gold mining industry.

Thieves are also taking advantage of the situation by arming themselves with machetes and unleashing violence in towns, cities and rural business centres.

In a statement yesterday, the Youth League’s secretary for information and publicity, Cde Yeukai Simbanegavi, said they were deeply concerned about the acts of terror. 

“It is also a matter of concern that some police officers have also fallen victim to these criminals. As a public service gesture, we implore all peace- loving Zimbabweans to be on the alert and share any information which may lead to the arrest of the gangs,” said Cde Simbanegavi.

She commended the police for hunting down the gangs. “As a wing of the party we do not condone such criminal acts by the heartless, deviant and callous gangs,” she said.

Cde Simbanegavi implored the National ProsecutingAuthority to ensure that any members of such gangs brought to court aree denied bail.

“We pray that any members of these gangs that are convicted are given the maximum possible sentence,” she said.

This, she said, would act as a deterrent to those who might be persuaded to commit similar acts.

“As a Youth League, we embrace the ethos of productivity, peace and unity and we are in solidarity with progressive institutions which are committed to end the wave of criminality by the machete-wielding gangs.”

Meanwhile, the Zanu PF United Kingdom district has intensified its efforts to weed out infiltrators who have been causing problems within the ruling party’s rank and file in the Diaspora, writes Wallace Ruzvidzo.

Secretary for Administration Cde Xavier Zavare said there was a flood of applications for membership in the wake of the New Dispensation but most of these were rogue elements who were hell bent on destabilising the operations of the district.

Cde Zavare said G40 remnants were behind attempt to destabilitse the party’s Diaspora structures. 

“For nearly a year and half, ZANU PF UK has been bedevilled by internal instability as a result of G40 political players and some new members who joined en-masse at the advent of the New Dispensation in particular those who came from other political parties, anti-ZANU PF activists and former asylum seekers.

“It all appeared to be in good spirit and the Diaspora district was on a membership recruitment drive led by its Commissariat team. However,            . . .  it soon became clear that some were joining the party for the wrong reasons,” he said.

“Following Operation Restore Legacy in November 2017 and the subsequent election win by President Emmerson Mnangagwa and ZANU PF in July 2018, there was an influx of applications to join ZANU PF UK/Europe District.”

He said that security personnel were working tirelessly to deal with any potential threat to the operations of the party in the Diaspora.

Cde Zavare said some remnants of the G40 cabal were in the UK with the sole aim of causing despondency but their efforts would come to nought.

“Our security team are working hard to identify potential infiltrators and to deal with the G40 cabal in the UK currently undermining our party national leadership and denigrating the First Secretary of the party.

“All necessary measures shall be taken to maintain discipline and the integrity of ZANU PF UK/Europe District before our leaders and membership, without fear or favour,” he said. Herald


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