Saturday 25 January 2020


IN a tear-jerking incident, a three-year-old boy from Bulawayo’s Nkulumane suburb, who was left in the care of a nursery school teacher, was allegedly on several times sodomised by a male suspect believed to be linked to the teacher.

The matter was reported to the police, who said they are still conducting investigations.  “We did receive a report of such nature and have questioned people that were in contact with the child during that period,” said deputy police spokesperson for Bulawayo province, Assistant Inspector Nomalanga Msebele.

According to the boy’s mother (name supplied), he was sodomised by a suspect the boy referred to as “khulu”.

“He goes to a pre-school in Nkulumane. When schools closed during the festive season, I made arrangements with his teacher to care for him during the day as I was at work and had no maid. We live in the same neighbourhood and I thought since he was used to her he would be comfortable being left in her care,” said the mother.

She said, however, after a few days her son’s attitude began to change, as he would use vulgar language and was aggressive to the point of beating other children or adults.

“He started using abusive language and was aggressive physically. Days went by and I thought of enquiring with the teacher but I let it slide as I just assumed he had picked up those characteristics from other children. Before Christmas my son started saying things like ukhulu ung’bhalile which is a saying he uses when he says he has been injected. And the term khulu is referenced to men.
“I then asked him where exactly he had been injected but he never said,” she said.

She said she took a day off a few days after her son had told her that but did not tell the teacher that she would not be dropping her son off.

“Ironically she never called to check if I would be dropping my son off. In the morning when I was bathing my son he was so aggressive and screamed when I tried to wash his private parts,” said the boy’s mother.

She said she became worried about her son, as he went for three days without defecating.

“On those days in question I took him with me to town and went to the bank, while there he said he wanted to use the toilet but screamed when he sat on the toilet seat. I was worried and just thought he was constipated. After my day off I left him with the teacher and hinted that he may be constipated. When I collected him after work and on our way home I noticed he kept rubbing and scratching his backside,” she said.

She said that is when her son revealed her worst fears. 

“He was in tears and when I checked on him it was evident that he had been violated. That evening I called a friend of mine to ferry me to Luveve Clinic, where the doctor confirmed that he had been sodomised. We were then referred to Mpilo Central Hospital for a second opinion and likewise it was the same outcome,” she said.

She said she then reported the matter to the police and the boy was taken for counselling, where he narrated the same story.

“What bothers me is the fact that police are dragging their feet in all this,” the boy’s mother said.

The teacher could not be reached for comment. However, her sister accused the boy’s mother of trying to tarnish their family’s image.

“The child was abused elsewhere and not at my sister’s place. On some days she wouldn’t bring the child. She stays with some males and is just trying to frame us. There is also another male child there. She knows who abused the child and maybe she is just ashamed of revealing it. She has been on the war path and has been accusing my family of protecting my sister. At one time she even went to confront my mother demanding that she reveals what happened to her son. The case is under investigation and we really can’t say a lot.” Sunday News


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