Monday 16 December 2019


Daily hire rates for contracted Zupco buses have risen from $2 000 to $3 000 following a plea by private transport operators, a Government official has said.

The new tariff comes into effect this month, but bus owners, while continuing to support Zupco, have asked Government to consider paying the equivalent of the initially agreed US$270 a day.

The increase was announced in a letter on December 4 by Finance and Economic Development Secretary Mr George Guvamatanga to Local Government and Public Works Secretary Mr Zvinechimwe Churu.

Zimbabwe Passenger Transport Organisation spokesperson, Mr Regis Munhenzva, said the move to increase the rates was welcome, although it fell short of the agreed US$270. 

“However, our Government is also struggling, so we are doing our best in terms of national interests to help our fellow Zimbabweans,” he said. Mr Munhenzva slammed shops selling spare parts in forex.

“We are buying our spares using US dollar as shops are refusing our local currency despite Government having issued a clear directive to ban forex sales,” he said.

Zupco is operating with 501 conventional buses, which include its own brand new fleet and those using its franchise, plus at least 470 kombis contracted countrywide. Herald


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