Monday 16 December 2019


Zanu PF national chairperson Oppah Muchinguri yesterday admitted that the ruling party has been hijacked by high-profile criminals using the party name and their proximity to the centre of power for self-enrichment. 

Speaking during the party’s 18th annual conference at Goromonzi High School, Muchinguri said it was high time the party weeded out corrupt elements and instil discipline across its structures.

“We are saying, as Zanu PF, we are the face of the nation. There is too much indiscipline. Some are on the black market saying we are Zanu PF, while others are invading mining claims in the name of the party. We need discipline so that we don’t drag our party (name) into disrepute,” she said. 

“We have thieves hoarding basic commodities, they need to be monitored, we have thieves hoarding goods and selling them at high prices. Moreover, medicine is being sold at high prices, we have no drinking water and some of the hospitals are closed,” she said.

Ruling party elites have also been accused of invading mining claims and sponsoring machete wars for their benefit.

Several top Zanu PF officials were recently implicated in a State-sanctioned land audit report presented to President Emmerson Mnangagwa early this week.

Addressing party delegates, Mnangagwa said: “I have since received the report of the Commission of Inquiry into the sale of urban State land, which revealed glaring excesses and acts of corruption by land barons and their cohorts. As a party, we will not accept a situation where our people live in squalid conditions 39 years after independence, as a result of being swindled out of their hard-earned money by these criminal elements.”

He pledged to ensure all people implicated in the audit report were brought to book.

“Those implicated in the commission report must be brought to book without fear or favour. We are a disciplined, principled and ethical party. We always advance the rights and interests of the majority of the people,” he said.

Muchinguri, who is also Defence minister, assured Mnangagwa that he remained Zanu PF’s sole candidate for the 2023 general elections and that the party was already in election mode.

“You are the sole candidate for 2023 and this has been endorsed by the slogan ED:2023 Pfee! This will spread across the country. Your people are already in election mode, they are already campaigning for 2023,” she said. Newsday


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