Friday 20 December 2019


A CHEEKY thief, who is facing a litany of unlawful entry charges that were allegedly committed at Dangamvura Police Station, is said to have deliberately dated two single female constables staying at the camp in order to study security at the establishment and later embarked on an undetected shocking stealing spree.

It took nearly three years for police intelligence operatives at the camp to bring the pieces together and finally arrest the suspect who broke into police apartments, siphoned fuel from police cars and perpetrated several break-ins that left law enforcement agents baffled.

Never Sayimani (34) of House Number 682 Area 14 Dangamvura executed the break-ins tactfully, leaving no trail.

In one instance, senior police officers in the district suspected that the thefts were an inside job and subsequently ordered an investigation at the station, which saw detectives lifting the fingerprints from crime scenes and matching them with prints of officers stationed there.

It was embarrassing as to why the cops were failing to solve crimes that were being perpetrated right under their noses.

The seemingly elusive Siyamani was finally arrested on December 13 at his house following a domestic violence case which his wife reported against him.

Unknown to the arresting cops, Siyamani, who is popularly known as Washy, was the brains behind the break-ins at the camp.

Circumstances to the case are that following a spate of the thefts at the camp, which date back to 2017 a team of police intelligence operatives led by Assistant Inspector  Mateketa which comprised Sergeant Machona, Constables Machana, Gomba, Charwadza, Muvungani, Mondiwa, Kwashirai, Uzimani and Ndonda devised a plan to curb the thefts.

They activated and recruited informers in a bid to bring the culprits to book.

In the course of their investigations a G-tel cellphone was stolen from an apartment at the camp following an unlawful entry case.

The cops, using service providers, tracked the cellphone. A simcard change in the stolen cellphone was detected by G-tel and a follow-up was made by the operatives. The team further used the call history of the inserted lines and made some follow-ups on persons who were contacted using the line. They then managed to establish that the new line was used to contact a person who lived in Dangamvura Area but whose exact address was not known.

However, on December 12 at around 7am, upon analysing current reported cases at Dangamvura Police Station, the team discovered that one Rumbidzai Bybity Chadyemhunga whose address was captured Number 682 Area 14 had reported a case of domestic violence.

That address was similar to other contacts on the call history from the stolen cellphone, an indication which revealed that occupants at that same house number were linked to the case committed at Dangamvura camp. The cops subsequently interviewed Bybity, who revealed that the accused person, who is her husband, once “bought” a G-tel cellphone. Siyamani was then arrested on physical abuse charges and he was further interviewed in relation to cellphone theft.

During the interrogations he admitted to stealing the cellphone as well as committing several unsolved cases at the camp that had sent detectives on a wild goose chase. He made indications and led to the recovery of some of the stolen property.

Among other cases, Sayimani allegedly stole 215 litres of diesel from Simba Samudzimu’s two trucks that had been parked inside the police camp for safekeeping.

He stole a laptop and gas tank belonging to Tafadzwa Chiguma after he broke into an apartment at the camp.

Sayimani drained fuel and also stole vehicle wind and back screens from commuter omnibuses that were parked at the camp.

As investigations widened, the police intelligence operatives discovered that the suspect was playing smart because he dated some female cops who lived at the camp and in the process acquired a good understanding of the environment and the general security at the camp.

Sayimani recently appeared at the Mutare Magistrates’ Courts and was remanded in custody to D’december 30 for trial. Manica Post


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