Wednesday 18 December 2019


All doctors who signed resumption of duty forms have started work at their respective work stations, with their seniors also attending to emergency situations.

Although The Herald could not immediately establish the exact number of doctors who have returned to work so far, a visit to Parirenyatwa, Sally Mugabe (formerly Harare Central Hospital) and Chitungwiza Hospital revealed that patients were being attended to.

Patients interviewed confirmed that they were being assisted without waiting for long periods as was the case before the doctors returned to work.

One of the patients who spoke to The Herald at Sally Mugabe Central Hospital, Ms Patience Muza, said doctors had been serving patients since morning. 

“There was a doctor who was assisting patients since morning and he is the one who also attended to me. Right now he has just stepped out, maybe they are changing shifts or he has gone for lunch,” said Ms Muza.

“We are pleased with the dedication and patriotism shown by doctors at this hospital. Their dedication to work will help save peoples’ lives.”

Another patient who was receiving treatment at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals for three days, Mrs Agnes Mahlangu said doctors had been attending to patients during that period.

“I can testify that there were doctors attending to patients in the past three days I have been coming here,” she said.  Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals public relations officer Mr Linos Dhire confirmed the return of all junior doctors. 

“I can confirm that all the junior doctors have reported for duty, and the senior doctors are covering emergencies only,” he said. Patients seeking treatment at Chitungwiza Central Hospital however, expressed concern over long waiting periods before receiving treatment.

“The hospital seems to be overwhelmed. Doctors are there and they are offering assistance to patients but the patients seem to be too many.

“We have been here since morning, but have not yet seen the doctor,” said one of the patients. Chitungwiza Central Hospital chief executive officer Dr Enock Mayida yesterday said the 20 doctors who had been fired were reporting for work, joining 17 consultant doctors providing specialist services to the hospital. The specialists never withdrew their labour.

“All doctors have reported for duty and service delivery is back to normal,” said Dr Mayida.
“The only problem we are having is an influx of patients because some institutions have not returned to normal service delivery as yet, so you find that most patients are coming to this hospital for services.”

At Sally Mugabe Central Hospital, no official comment could be obtained as the hospital’s chief executive, Dr Tinashe Dobbie, was not available. Herald


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