Friday 13 December 2019


THE man who exposed the six-metre -long python, which was being kept by a sex worker at a lodge in Mutare, has come out in the open and gave a harrowing account of how a supposed romantic night turned out to be a traumatic episode suitable for a horror movie.

Simbarashe Mupuradzuva (40) from Maonde in Mutare’s Sakubva high-density suburb said he decided to share with the world what happened last Wednesday at the Green Gate Lodge in order to dispel rumours and conflicting stories that are being spread on social media about the saga.

“I am the one who encountered this unfortunate incident and what I am going to tell you is the real thing. Listen to what I am going to say and forget about all those fake stories coming up on WhatsApp or Facebook,” he said.

“I was drinking beer with a lady friend at a nightclub in the city and at a around 4am we decided to go and retire to bed at her lodgings at Green Gate Lodge. However, when we arrived at the lodge and passed through one of the rooms, a strange feeling engulfed me. 

“I have this spiritual gift which was handed down to me by my late mother which makes me sense danger especially issues to do with witchcraft and related evil deeds.

“I told my friend to go to her room and wait for me as I wanted to inquire what was in this room,” he said.

Mupuradzuva said he summoned enough courage and knocked on the door. He was greeted by the sex worker, Queen Mpofu, who opened the door.

“I asked her how much she was charging for a short time service and she said it was $40 bond notes.
“I told her that I was interested and she quickly invited me into the room. “She jumped on her bed and went into the sheets.

“I found myself seated on the corner of the bed, gazing at a bag which was in the room.

“From my instincts I knew that there was something dangerous in that bag. Within a few minutes the snake hissed loudly. Mpofu asked me to come into bed and sleep with her but I refused. I was glued to that bag. I asked her what was in the bag but she told me to mind my own business and do what I had come for,” he said.

Mupuradzuva said they quarrelled for sometime till Mpofu confessed that the snake was her shield. She said it was there to protect her.

“I went out of the room and met a guy called John who works at the lodge. I told him what I had seen in the room. 

“He told me to keep quiet and confided in me that the snake has been at the lodge for a long time. I went to Mutare Central Police Station and came back with three police officers.

“We went to the room but Mpofu stood at the door. She barred us from entering her room but she later relented and allowed us in.

“While inside the room I showed the police officers the bag containing the snake but none of them dared open it.

“I volunteered to open it but all the cops bolted from the room, scared of the reptile. The cops said they wanted to bring more manpower and deal with the case.

“The police officers went outside and talked to John and Mpofu. I told the officers to take the snake with them but they refused.

“They went back to the police station and brought more manpower but they found nothing in the room.

“The snake had been taken out and hidden somewhere in the nearby bushes,” he said.

Mupuradzuva said he managed to locate the snake in the room unlike any other clients who used to sleep with Mpofu because of the “gift” he has. 

“I am not a normal person. I am possessed by a spirit which heals sick people as well as detect and exorcise demons. When I got into that room I quickly connected with that snake because it (snake) knew instantly that I was going to expose it.

“Because of that the snake was enraged and had it not been that the bag was tied at the end it was going to come out and fight me. However, the spirit I possess is more powerful than those evil reptiles.

“Soon after exposing that snake, it was just another reptile and that is why those who saw it in the park were doing whatever they wanted with it because the evil in it had been cast out.

“Even up to now it is just another snake because I exposed it. I told Mpofu that she was living dangerously by possessing that snake but she could not take my advice.

“This is not the first time I have  encountered such a case. At one time I was called by a family in the rural areas to solve the mysterious death of a family member.

“When I got there the mother of the deceased person was pointing accusing fingers at virtually everyone as being responsible for the death of her son. I was asked to give my piece of mind over the case and I told the family that the mother was solely responsible for the death of her son. 

“They could have none of it and they quickly reported me to the traditional court for calling their mother a witch.

“On trial date I stood by my story and, in no time, the woman went berserk. She took off all her clothes and began running around the yard like a hyena.

“She went hysterical and confessed before the court to killing her son. I am able to see evil deeds and I am able to cast them out as well.

“That’s exactly what happened with that snake at the lodge. I just wanted to have a good night at the lodge but look what later happened. Such is life,” he said. Manica Post


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