Saturday 14 December 2019


Politicisation of Government aid is raising temperatures throughout Masvingo Province and social conflicts are emerging with those denied their rights now increasingly standing up and fighting back.

There was pandemonium at Chinanaira Business Center in Nyazvidzi in Gutu two weeks ago when alleged MDC Alliance supporters who were denied Government aid for a long time invaded a GMB lorry and grabbed a 50kg bag of fertiliser and 10kg of sorghum seed each before daring Zanu PF leaders to challenge them.

After failing to reign them in, Zanu PF leadership which was caught flat footed then asked the ‘invaders’ to pay $11 for transport for the inputs but they refused arguing that they were denied aid for a long time.

A Grain Marketing Board employee who had brought the inputs did nothing.
MDC organiser for Gutu North, Philip Mahachi told The Mirror that the incident was spontaneous and nasty. He said it was fortunate that there was no violence as harsh words were thrown at the Zanu PF leadership including Ward 4 councillor Felix Tagwirei Garirai and Zanu PF branch chairman Felix Mareva.

Analysts who spoke to The Mirror warned Government to tread carefully on issues to do with hungry masses and food. They said unfair distribution of resources has been a source of civil war in many countries and people must not be taken for granted.

Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights  said they  are inundated by cases of food politicisation coming from thoughtout the country.

Mahachi said that the mood in villages was so bad  that villagers are prepared to go to jail than watch ‘thugs’ operating under the guise of Zanu PF unfairly enriching themselves through State resources.

He said Zanu PF leadership were getting aid over and over again when many vulnerable people including 80-year-olds and orphans who are known to be starving are getting nothing.

What irked villagers more is that the Zanu PF leadership was abusing social welfare schemes so much that they were selling inputs.

“The GMB lorry arrived and Tagwirei as usual tasked Zanu PF branch chairpersons to allocate food and this is illegal in the first place. They started calling off the same names that they have given aid over and over again and that is when people moved forward and collected fair shares for themselves.

“It was very tense,” said Mahachi.
Zimbabwe has already been condemned by Hilal Elver of the United Nations for politicising food aid . There are threats that sanctions against the country are will remain as long as Zanu PD continues to use food as a weapon against the hungry masses.
Two Zanu PF MPs Farai Musikavanhu of Chiredzi West and Yeukai Simbanegavi of Gutu North have since publicly declared that there will be no food aid for MDC supporters. Masvingo Mirror


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