Sunday 15 December 2019


The Higher Life Foundation (HLF) has increased allowances for both six months and 12 months duration for doctors who applied for the ZWL$ 100 million Training Fellowship.

 In a statement, HLF Chief Executive Officer Mr Kennedy Mubaira said HLF is increasing monthly allowances with immediate effect.

 “Following a positive response to the ZWL$100 million Training Fellowship for Junior and Senior Resident Medical Officers, Registers and Consultants employed at Public Healthcare Institutions in Zimbabwe announced by HLF on 27 November 2019, HLF is pleased to announce an upgrade,” said Mr Mubaira. “Consultants who were awarded the fellowship for the six-month duration, will get an increase of their non-negotiable monthly subsistence allowance from the original offer of ZWL$ 5 000 to ZWL$ 10 000 for the duration of the fellowship,” said Mr Mubaira.

 He said registrars and Government medical officers who were awarded 12 months fellowship will receive ZWL$7 500 up from ZWL$ 5000.

HLF last month launched a $100 million Training Fellowship for doctors at Government hospitals to benefit 2 000 junior and senior medical officers.

The scholarship will last for six and 12 months, with funding contingent upon fellows remaining enrolled in their programmes for that period and satisfying all requirements.

The fellowship, a first in the country, included a non-negotiable allowance of ZWL$5 000 per doctor per month for a maximum of 2 000 doctors which has since been increased to ZWL$7 500.
 It would, among other things, assist doctors in completing rotations within public health institutions while providing the much-needed health services to the citizens of Zimbabwe.

Other perks include provision of smartphones as tools of trade, a Vaya carpool voucher to access the hospital with a maximum of three trips per day and access to $10 million for stethoscopes, patella hammers, other diagnostic aids, uniforms and Wi-Fi at major teaching hospitals across the country. Herald


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