Friday 6 December 2019


The joy around the upcoming KFC wedding seems to have hit a snag after one of the people who came up with the idea to gift the couple with an all expenses paid wedding has accused the brand of shutting them out.

Nonhlanhla Soldaat, 28, and Hector Mkansi, 37, won the hearts of South Africans after their proposal at a KFC outlet went viral on social media last month. Their wedding is expected to be held on December 31.

Twitter user Sipho Alphi Mkhwanazi (@alphi_s), one of the two people who went out to search for the couple after they were mocked on social media after the proposal, has now accused KFC of sidelining him.

Mkhwanazi and another user @joe_human decided to search for the couple in an attempt to help them get the wedding of their dreams.

Mkhwanazi got in touch with the groom after a day of searching. He announced the news to his social media followers and shared that the groom had informed him that they planned to have a small ceremony due to financial constraints.

Mkhwanazi and @joe_human then asked individuals and brands to donate what they could to make the wedding possible.

Multiple brands became involved, pledging all sorts of gifts from outfits to make-up and even honeymoon packages.

On Wednesday, a frustrated Mkhwanazi took to his Twitter page to explain what had transpired since the first day he met the couple. He declined to comment yesterday.

"I decided to head straight to the couple to tell them what you guys were prepared to offer.

"But while we were on our way there, we get a call from the chicken people telling us to 'hang ten' because this is 'their initiative'." he tweeted.

He said because of this, the original organisers distanced themselves from the wedding because they were asked by the brand to give the couple privacy.

"All sorts of brands were DMing us and news outlets wanted interviews left right and centre. but we chose not to disclose anything because we wanted to respect the couple's wishes," he tweeted.

He said a week later, the couple was doing photo-shoots and media interviews even though they were told that they needed privacy.

KFC ignored questions on whether they planned to work with the "original organisers", but said that they have an independent team coordinating the wedding.

"The coordinating committee consists of a wedding planner chosen by the couple along with a project manager pledged by KFC.

"Together with the couple, they are busy finalising the arrangements around this unique event and are working to ensure that sis' [sister] Nonhlanhla and bhut' [brother] Hector get to enjoy their dream wedding in line with how they would like to see it unfold," KFC said through its PR agency.

Mkhwanazi's frustrations were shared by other users who demanded an explanation from KFC.

@Tebzamek_ tweeted: "Bring back the original wedding planners! The people who reached out to the couple, asked for help on the couple's behalf! #KFCProposal."


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