Tuesday 24 December 2019


A 45-year-old inmate has attained all his academic qualifications while serving a nine-year jail term for rape.

Charles Zifa started his grade one level at the age of 39 following his imprisonment in 2013.

“I was uneducated when I was imprisoned. I started from grade one up to form four. Imagine a 39-year-old starting to learn the vowels and how to write his own name. 

“It was not an easy journey but I am glad I made it despite the challenges,” Zifa said. He added that he has professional qualifications though he failed to get sponsorship to write his O’ Level.

He said given the opportunity he would like to pursue his education.

“I did not manage to write my ordinary level due to financial issues but I am positive that if I am to sit for the exams I will pass with flying colours. 

“I am now eager to learn and I am using my time in prison to further my studies although it is difficult sometimes because of limited resources in prison.

“It has been an interesting journey and I have learnt to appreciate the importance of education,” he said

Zifa appealed for help from well-wishers for him to continue with his education.

“Various inmates fail to write exams because they cannot afford examination fees but they want to go forward with their education.

“If we get help from well-wishers I am sure, we will be a better people,” he said.

The inmate was among the graduands who attained certificates last week.
“After failing to write ordinary level examinations I then started wood technology and I have faced various challenges but I am happy that I graduated.

“It was not an easy road. I studied very hard and the lecturers really helped us. With these skills I am sure I have prepared myself for life after prison.

“Life in prison has taught me that education is key.” H Metro


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